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We offer this seasonal channel of Halloween music as a fundraiser for our organization. You can help support our work by buying music here.
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The Halloween Channel

The Halloween Channel is one of several services offered by Growth House Radio. We provide these seasonal suggestions for kid-safe Halloween music to help raise funds to keep us afloat. You can support our work by buying CDs here, as we receive a small commission on sales. Click any CD to hear clips or to place an order.

Boo, Cackle, Trick or Treat
Boo, Cackle, Trick or Treat Sue Schnitzer created these energetic Halloween songs for and with little kids. The first graders at Crest View Elementary School in Boulder, Colorado, have fun with a wannabe-scary ghost as they sing along and share Halloween jokes. The CD insert contains more Halloween jokes and fun ideas for Halloween activities and crafts.
Halloween Spooktacular
Halloween Spooktacular A Parent's Choice award winner, this CD is an eclectic mix of pop, country, island, and just plain nutty Halloween music and sketches. Don't miss "Dracula Goes To The Dentist."
Boogah and Hoogah's Haunted Houseparty, Volume 1
Boogah and Hoogah's Haunted Houseparty, Volume 1 Silly-spooky Halloween singalongs that the little kids will enjoy.
The Moon-Rays: Thrills & Chills
The Moon-Rays: Thrills & Chills Evokes memories of those wacky 50's sci-fi movies where teen lovers parked on lonely roads could be interruped at any time by bulbous-headed creatures from outer space. Perfect dance music for a midnight Halloween surf party lit by tiki torches. Think Annette and Frankie meet the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
The Moon-Rays: The Ghouls Go West
The Moon-Rays: The Ghouls Go West More spine-tingling surf au go go inspired by laughable creature features. Includes the theme from the vampire soap opera "Dark Shadows" with a tropic twist. "Blues for Vampira" is a nod to everyone's favorite 1950's horror movie hostess and star of "Plan 9 From Outer Space." This may be the only CD ever made that combines theramin with bongo drums.
Nox Arcana Darklore Manor
Nox Arcana Darklore Manor A musical journey through the haunted halls of a Victorian mansion. Haunting melodies, eerie voices, ominous chanting, and pulse-pounding orchestrations bring Halloween music to a new level. Nox Arcana is the latest project from Joseph Vargo (producer, creative director and former band member of Midnight Syndicate). This time Joseph teams with fellow composer and musician William Piotrowski to create a musical ghost story set in a legendary haunted house with a dark and sinister history.
Midnight Syndicate: The 13th Hour
Midnight Syndicate: The 13th Hour Midnight Syndicate creates cinefusion gothic soundscapes that make perfect background music for spooky gatherings. Chilling sound effects, dark orchestrations, and creepy narration transport you to a stone mansion with cobwebs and flickering candelabras.
Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion
Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion 25 Years of Fears Cinematic-style atmospheric music good enough for use in the haunted attraction industry.
Circus Contraption: Gallimaufry
Gallimaufry Circus Contraption is an honest-to-goodness, one-ring travelling circus based in Seattle, Washington. Imagine an off-kilter carousel accompanied by Halloween music gone slightly wrong. Drunken waltzes and blazing klezmer are sometimes spooky, sometimes silly, and almost always quirky. Mix a few of these tracks in for the older kids and adults at your Halloween party.
Silver River
MATTHEW MANNING: Silver RiverInstead of ordinary Halloween music, how about some evocative Celtic music? Here is one of our favorites, featuring beautiful and atmospheric Irish music for oboe and strings. Matthew Manning (principal Oboe of Ireland's National Symphony orchestra) and composer Michael McGlynn (director of "Anuna" as featured on "Riverdance") joined forces to create this blend of Irish art music and entirely new melodic works with a cinematic feel.
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Dias De Los Muertos
Dias De Los Muertos (Days Of The Dead) is a traditional Mexican holiday when families celebrate memories and honor lost loved ones. A family picnic at the cemetary gives opportunity to share stories, tend graves, and enjoy warm feelings among the living. Death holds no terror at this time, and comic folk art representations of death help us see death as part of life. In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month (15 September through 15 October) you can introduce children to Mexican art and culture while developing healthy attitudes about death. For a sample children's class project visit
Mexican folk art picture of a laughing skeleton wearing a big feathered hat.
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